yes we are still CLOSED, Reopening July 30th

As Washington state is getting through the vaccination process we are working on putting all of the pieces in place to reopen Central Cinema! Our official reopening date is Friday July 30th. We would love to open sooner but we have a big list of things that need to happen first and a family reunion to go to. We will get the place put together nicely so we can reopen for real! See you in the Summer!



How about having a movie theater all to yourself! During the pandemic shutdown it is still possible to have a movie theater experience for up to 50 people. The place is mostly shut down so it can be kinda spooky, maybe a horror film is whats needed. Contact Liz from our rental page to see what we can work out for you.

Believe us when we tell you we will genuinely miss all of you during these times. All of us here at Central Cinema truly love providing Seattle with awesome cinematic experiences and cool one-of-a-kind events. The loss of revenue is rough, but not as much as missing out on sharing cult favorites and crowd-pleasers with all of you.

So roll up your sleeve and get the jab. This virus is a killer so please don't take chances with your health. We want to see your smiling face again on the other side of this. We are so close now.

Kate & Kevin
Central Cinema